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Food Culture


We aren't just a restaurant brand that throws around buzz words. We are culinary driven people that love food, love to feed people and care about the ingredients we use, the planet, animal welfare and the supply chain all the way down to the bees.





Our food has nothing to hide and neither do we. We will be transparent not only in our sourcing and recipes, but in our business as work towards being a Certified B. Corporation and adopt the highest standards to use business as a force for good!

At CERA we cure and roast our own pastrami, ham, turkey and roast beef. We Ferment and pickle our own hot peppers & veggies. Flavors come alive through high temperature roasting in our brick oven and over the flames of our wood-fired grill. We truly cook.

We are not only out to save the bees, we believe in using out business to make a positive impact in the world. Sustainability is a must in our food, our packaging, our restaurants and our waste management.

We care about everything to do with our ingredients, from the bees to  the soil our vegetables grow in and how the animals are cared for. We are committed to sourcing animal products from Certified Global Animal Partnership companies.

Lean More
Lean More
Lean More
Lean More


We are always looking for ways to improve how we feed people. First and foremost we source the best ingredients we can, as clean as we can, as locally as we can.

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